Sunday, August 30, 2009


A stranger near me,

A complete stranger.

Look, my friend

we knew each other,

especially your voice.

But, now its entirely different,

an altered wavelength,

an interference,

a feeble voice,

changed tone,

unexpected words

everything so strange.

Are we turning strangers?

very very slowly?

Yes I fear....

I learned with pleasure and pain

That strangeness is

not unfamiliarity

but a state of Heart.


Nina P. said...

Sometimes those closest to us seem as strangers. We all are unique and have our own inner thoughts and issues. We can keep them inside or share them with others. I love your poem. It is so true. "I learned with pleasure and pain..." You have a wonderful soul. I find sharing with my "stranger" my fears, thoughts and observations, sometimes helps to bring them close again. Blessings to you always. Love and Light, Nina P

Binoy Mathew said...

wot u said is true... its easy to share things with a stranger. But its easy to become a stranger with close people...

Beth Niquette said...

How very poignant. Beautifully written, like the sound of the sea.

Binoy Mathew said...

Thanku for ur comments