Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Konkan Railway sites...
Ro-Ro train

Colva Beach

Ruins of church

Se Cathedral

Mangeshkari Temple
A view from Holy spirit church

Basalica of Bom Jesus

A traditional House
An abandoned house,(Window scene)

It has been a dream come true, My visit to the Small Indian state Goa, which always lured me not because of the famous beaches, but because of the Traditon left behind by portuguese in the place, in the form of churches, homes and buildings. I want to make a few blog posts on that. But Before before going into details ,here are some samples. I ll come often with detailed narration of the things, which is an amusment for me still.

Goa is an Indian territory now, which was annexed to India in the year 1961 from Portuguese. The portuguese colonised Goa in 1510.

The Portuguese tradition in the state is evident all over goa. In churches, in house construction and so on... Here let me take you to a few stills from goa.


~Cheryl said...

I'm glad you are going to go over these again in more detail! There's so much to see -- each photo is a treasure all by itself. What a beautiful place!

Binoy Mathew said...

yes.. i have a serial of things to explain.. and happy to share it with you all

adiTHyA said...

its Lovely ...Its even a dream destination for me..but truly I have seen it..thanx for this wonderful photo tour u have taken me for..:-)

Clytie said...

Yes! I will be waiting for more. I especially love the 'window scene' picture. It tells a story, all by itself.