Thursday, July 31, 2008


LETTER FROM PEKING-by Pearl.S Buck a Synopsis.

The novel is an attempt to explain two themes.The first one being the hefty estrangement of Rennie,who resembles a chineese,the son of a partially chineese father Gerard and fully American mother Elizabeth.The identity crisis that ghastly besieges rennie turns out to be an ordeal which he surpasses gradually.

The core of the novel is the long distraughting but resolute waiting of the protagonist"Elizabeth" for her husband who is in China.The author immortalise her hearts enrapturing and valuable belongings- her memmories,of their symbiotic life in China,before seperation.A segregation imposed on them by Chineese Govt as Elizabeth was an American citizen.

Her only means for feeling Gerard's presence was his letters that freequently came in search of her.The letters on thier dreams,his innermost feelings,his hectic life and so on.

It becomes a desertation that one can not withstand.The letters intensify her hearts climate to a ravaged situation.Gerard even gasping the futility,tries for a chance to America for a union with his beloved and son.

One day a letter from husband tells her that he can not come to America,and so he wants to marry another lady for his help.This letter shocked her.Shattered her dreams and paralysed the mirth of her hopeful life,that proped up her physically.Thus the waiting for years ended abruptly.Her dreams of reunion became vain.She copes up with the fact and allows him to do as he likes.

The novel ends with the pathetic and tragic death of Gerard,who got killed by callous Chineese officials who always suspected this partially American man,but a citizen of China.
But she gets information that he got killed in an attempt to escape to America for the longed reunion.Finally she allows her son to marry and recedes to the palpable memmories of her loving husband.

Meanwhile the story narrates another heart touching episode of thier love and care they bestowe upon the grand father of Renny,thats father of Gerard,who is an American.They love him ,take care of him.Their love towards that old ,fragile ,and childish man looks sublim.

The narration of the story is absolutly free from obscurities.The alteranation between memmories and life,past and present ,the mingling of memmories and desire the prose gives a sheer lyrical quality.TheAuthor w as a Nobel Laurate.

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