Thursday, July 31, 2008

Milkey Night

All around me the Darkness,

like a blanket..

The flickering golden light with me,

As a companion.

The wild melodies of night,

Like a misconducted symphony.

Here comes....

A cool breeze,

Like a beautiful girl,

with the smell of jasmine on her body

She blew off the candle gently.

stroked and kissed me softly

Now i can see..

The birth of a moon

A pale yello dainty baby,

watching the world with wonder

The dewy night stood petrified

to see the pretty new born baby

clouds crowdwed to roack the baby

trees singing happy songs..

The milky night

is flowing into my room

my face my hand, my body

smooth clouds are wandering

in the milky night

I longed to become one among them

and to sink deep into the milky night


adithya said...

no wordz to describe..but beautiful

Anonymous said...

Splendid! Nifih