Friday, August 1, 2008

NIGHT some ZIG ZAG thoughts

Night is so deep and hard
the music of night
sometimes melodious but,
it always is awful
it just pierce the ears.
above all night is fearful

Moonlit night with a breeze
is so pleasing..
it showers warmth into soul
so is the starful nights..
they glitters,sometimes winks
tells a thousand stories
reminds me of the endless universe
the mysterios lifes
and so many things
whenever i look at them
I am looking back into time
at present i see the past

The sleepless nights haunts me,
sleepy nights to
with bad dreams..
the dreams are real
i fall into it and feel it
but day dreams are not,

cold and noicy the rainy night
it sheilds me with saftey
cools my mind and body
the hands of a rainy night are cold
its pating is warm for me
for it evokes unmeasurable joy
i always await a rainy night

rouse of a day is mirthful
with a bunch of colours
it has lusious and mellow music
whele world relish
and thus a day swallows a night

(painting courtsey_

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adithya said...

really i liked the rythm of this poem