Friday, August 22, 2008

Secrets behind HAPPY FRIENDSHIP-3

In Intimate Relationships
The little things are BIG THINGS...


We are all human beings and to err is common. “Sorry” is a magic word that symbolizes apology and repentance. In most of the drifting and dilapidated relationships, misunderstanding words or deeds that hurt your friend can be amended, and see how the relationship flourish again as if it’s a spring.

I have a friend, the dearest one I ever have, with whom I used to pick fight with. After bitter arguments, raising blood pressure and spurting tempestuous feelings, I make myself sure that our friendship is buried. To add oil to the fire, one of my friend who is a wizard in astrology once predicted that our friendship will not be long lasting. Ruminating this in mind, I lay sleepless, and hunger less, with ruddy eyes. And each and every time, the word sorry approaches me with its magic wand. I apologize , to him, say sorry not once but countless, resurrecting the relationship, rejuvenating it with new energy. I overcome my disappointments bigger than life on that word and words are not enough to describe the feelings when my heart lightens up.

If you say “I repent” and cry within the four walls of your room, your friend is never going to know what is there inside your heart. So no meaning in saying that. Instead of that tell him sorry. That would be feeling like heaven for your friend. I assure you….

I firmly believe, no other word can impart the capacity to initiate change in another person...

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