Sunday, September 28, 2008


Unconditional Love was the First topic of My friend Aditya's blog. A few observations compelled me to adopt that title for my article this time. So I express my gratitude to my best friend.

Is "LOVE" something special to Human beings only? Most people say YES...
Poets, story writers, and other literary persons write a lot about the feeling, lovers will comment about it with throbbing heart, sleepless nights and so on..Hence its a magical term with multi dimensional perspectives. Mothers' love, friends' love, partners' love everything has its own dimensions and variations which differ from one another.

I believe human love is purely conditional. Whatever be the form, it appears in front of us. Parents Love their children and rear them with great expectations. They expect them to be an achiever, to look after them when they are old and so on... So its a responsibility more than love. Lovers love their partners because they want them to be their own always, lo live the entire life. If things go wrong it may end up in a broken relationship. So expectations over rides the love.

But Animals and children love unconditionally.( They are the only creatures on earth that never tell lies too). Animals rear their young ones, not expecting anything in return from them. Its their natural duty.When humans say about free sex or manly atrocities we say "animalistic sex" or brutal attack and so on. Its a wrong usage I say. Animals never have sex (copulate) for body pleasure, but only for procreation, a purpose born by the nature. Then how can we call our thirst to fulfil the carnal pleasures "animalistic or Brutal"...?

Pets love their owners not expecting anything in return. It may seem that they love you for food. Its wrong. And animals show mutual love if they are allowed to live together, which would not be able to see among human beings.

We have two sister cats "Blacky and Whitey" I had uploaded a video in my other blog "purplemistt.blogspot" in August. I think there you can see some heart melting scenes of "unconditional love". Whity and Blacky were together from their birth itself. Eating, playing and sleeping together. I was told by my mother that when Whitey was about to deliver She "called" Blacky and clasped on her neck and dragged to the secret place of delivery for a solace. We wondered seeing Blacky licking Whity after the delivery. The rest you can see in my other blog.
If Whitey ever missed Blacky she meowed louder until Blacky responded, and after meeting her Whitey will lick her to show her love and care. Whitey cared Blacky more than her Kittens. The amazing sisterly love was a miracle to us, as we had so many pet cats before,where we have never seen such a love before. Unfortunately a month ago Whitey died. Blacky was terribly sad, moaning for three days, with out taking food. Now Blacky mothers Whitey's kittens too along with her own.

So very recently, I found in a Science magazine that "LOVE" is not something specific to human beings. It says " our capacity to empathize human morality is a natural out growth or inheritance of behaviour from our closest evolutionary relatives"

To put it precisely the soft feelings like love, compassion, empathy and sympathy etc are inherited from our biological evolution. So all animals that came through the process of evolution bears the genes and chemicals that induce these feelings.

Scientists say that the seat of these soft feelings in our brain is the Ventro Medial Pre frontal Cortex of our brain. (VMPC) So people with damaged VMPC can be extremely dangerous. The serial Killers, Terrorists etc are psychopaths, who lacks compassion due to damaged VMPC that generates these chemicals to revive the genes. But Law has nothing to do with medicine.

I remember a news appeared in Hindu a year back that in Britain, Sociologists and Psychologists found out that children who are rude to their friends or pets have serious behavioural problems., which we neglect saying childish. Studies showed that criminals now behind bars were messy when they were young. So they advocated to the government that they should initiate counselling for "trouble makers" in schools, where the one Pound spend now may save ten pounds in future that the govt might have to spend for legal proceedings with police and court saving their eschequer ensuring free public life.

So when you feel "LOVE" or compassion , know that its not your "merit" , but an extension of our ancestors in evolution including all animals on earth.


Julie said...
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Julie said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi ,

I was reading ur blog posts and found some of them to be very good.. u write well.. Why don't you popularize it more.. ur posts on ur blog ‘PURPLE Valley...’ took my particular attention as some of them are interesting topics of mine too;

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Tressy said...

interesting post:)
n its a nice place /worth reading/ ...
we love(?) for some reasons. mostly for satisfying our needs/ pleasures.
i agree with u...
btw, where can i find the definition for love?
good work,
keep going.

Binoy Mathew said...

defenition for love...? thats funny and quite thought provoking..Let me write about it in coming days... I think if somebody is going to define love... there ends love...

Tressy said...

funny, huh? that's quite funny.
okay, good luck!
expecting a very interesting and 'convincing' post.
thank you for dropping by ...