Monday, February 23, 2009


There is a big difference in being something to someone and in being special to someone. As relationships are most often puzzling , unexpected and beyond our conceptions, there is a lot to think about it.

To have someone with you is better. In times of distress, and pain, that someone can replace a paracetamol or a sedative. During times of happiness, someone can stand for a bottle of beer. Still friendship is promising, full of furore, and celebrations and sharing.. Its a fact.

But to have someone intimate is the best. Someone who says "I want you to be mine" or I cant, without you" is entirely different. The rosy feelings, emotions and the musk fragrance that embody these words are ofcource , is glorious.

When one of my friend told me that he cant be without a particular person , the emotions, the whisper, and the air, everything was full of love in it, which was beyond what I can imagine.

After that incident only I realized that, no one on earth lives to say something like that to me. A friend of all is a friend to none, a saying which meant to be true in my case. Someone special is something that you cant replace with even your best friend. Now I regret for turning down a few requests by saying " we will be good friends forever", which on the other hand could have made at least one of them say "you are special for me". When I look back, its worst I feel...

So realizations are the best things in life. It will pinch you, tickle you, make you smile, make you cry, and I am not sure, on which shore I am gazing at now....

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