Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Give and Take policy

I have lost faith in all these types of doctrines, where I think someone who follows them are destined to be IDIOTS... Whenever you do some service (not just service but this is applicable to the entire life) , thinking you will get back the same response, when you are the needy one and ask for a help and, the result is negative, what else can I say...? Positive thinking, optimism and stuffs like that holds no value for me now. Ah.. the funny thing is that now you may say, my mind set has turned to "negative". Ya I agree

Is there any meaning in suppressing your emotions that cross over you...? when you are angry...? when you cant tolerate one person...? Its just like crushing your natural born Instincts...

While I was working with the people in Tsunami affected areas during my service back in 2006, I used to witness harsh verbal confrontations between the local people, who were illiterate and Ignorant. As soon as clock rings "ten" in the night ,there started the abuse. Calling names, narrating the family history, using all the words that you wont find in the dictionary; and that went up to 12 or 1 in the midnight. But the next morning, to our wonder, we could see them walking shoulder to shoulder.

The psychology behind those verbal fights were simple. If they had any kind of bad feelings, they just allow them to flow out. They never keep it inside their heart just like a dam and there it goes... during conversations with these people they revealed this simple psychological "treatment"; "we say and that's gone.."

One of my Lectures who taught me English once asked a question. " who is a pessimist...?"
Can any one try the answer...? The answer what he told was "one who keeps the company of an optimist"

Can you agree with it...?


*SparkleMirror* Kiln-Fired Art said...

I'd agree that a pessimist is one who keeps company with an optimist... there is no darkness without light. It's all about the contrast, right?

Binoy Mathew said...

oh ya... defenitely its true..